Relacja z Erasmusa

Zapraszamy do lektury relacji studentki WSZ „Edukacja” – Zuzanny Kordas, która wróciła z praktyk w ramach programu Erasmus.

W czasie ich trwania odwiedziła Grecję i Islandię, a po powrocie postanowiła podzielić się z nami swoimi wrażeniami i zdjęciami, a przy okazji zachęcić kolejne osoby do skorzystania z możliwości wyjazdu. Zapraszamy do przeczytania relacji w języku angielskim oraz oczywiście do wzięcia udziału w programie Erasmus w WSZ „Edukacja” (galeria zdjęć znajduje się pod relacją).

My traineeship in Greece and Iceland

In the course of my studies I have taken advantage of Erasmus program twice. I have been to Iceland and Greece where I participated in the student training. There were many reasons why I went abroad. I went there to improve my language skills, to learn foreign culture and gain professional experience. The stay abroad created an opportunity for me to meet new people and to experience a sense of being independent. What is more, the program provided me with financial help, so that I could save my money for other expenses. The companies I was working for were Asteras Resort Hotel in Kardamena (Kos, Greece) and Hoffell Guesthouse in Iceland.

I worked in different departments of the hotels. As a hotel receptionist, I was responsible for making guests feel welcome, dealing with guests requests, answering questions about the hotel offer and the surrounding area, dealing with bookings and checking in and out of the hotel. I worked in the restaurant, the bar and the kitchen (I even cooked with the chef), and dealt with housekeeping. I worked as a member of a team. I usually worked shifts, that is mornings, afternoons and evenings. Meals and accommodation were provided. I enjoyed meeting and helping many people, which made my job great. I had an opportunity to work with friendly and amazing people who I now miss so much :) I really appreciated the people there who welcomed me not just as a student but as a fellow worker and even a family member. Now we stay in touch. In Greece after work we would go on a beach or parties and have a really good time.

Kardamena is a modern tourist resort which offers many attractions. Swimming, sunbathing, and water sports can be practised along the sandy beach. The area offers a delicious food at the fish-house taverns and restaurants; you can try the Greek and the European cuisine. In Iceland in my free time I enjoyed amazing geothermal hot tubs, which were located close to the guesthouse. Hoffell offers exciting tours on ATV’s around the area, so I took advantage of it many times. The most amazing thing during my stay in Iceland was the view from my room overlooking the ocean, the mountains and a big glacier, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The guesthouse is perfectly situated opposite the Nothern Lights.

Every day I gained more and more knowledge and experience, which I believe will help me find a future job. I took advantage of all training and experience available. I am a much more confident person now than I used to be, as I have gained more faith in my own abilities. I can deal with pressure more efficiently than before, and I think I am in a better position to work in team. I do not think that there were any negative aspects of my work placement. After the training period, I have a different point of view on my life, and I strongly recommend the Erasmus program to all students.

Zuzanna Kordas,

a student of the English Philology at WSZ “Edukacja”