Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania we Wrocławiu w oczach studentów Erasmusa.

Summer Term 2015-16 Erasmus Plus
Student’s Report on Erasmus Stay
at College of Management “EDUKACJA”


1. Information and support
…of the International Relations Office of the university.

In my opinion, the International Relations Office is very active and useful for students. They helped us all the time with any problems that we had. When you do Erasmus, you can have lots of problems like accommodation, meeting course requirements, communication, etc. The people in charge of the office were always ready to help. They were friendly and sincere towards students, so I was very happy with this situation.

…of your classroom teacher.

They teachers provided me with useful materials to prepare for classes and expand the knowledge and skills. I’ve learnt a lot here in five months. I really liked my university and I wish I had more class hours. As a matter of fact, my home university system is really different, but I didn’t have any problems here with learning in the classroom.

of my colleague…

First of all, my colleague picked me up and showed me the dormitory. Then we went shopping together. She explained to me how to get to the university by tram. The next few days she called a taxi for me. It was nice, but unfortunately she forgot to do it again for the following day. Also I was the only Erasmus student to have weekend classes. I wish I could spend more time together with my peer students.

2. Living in Poland
…Accommodation / accommodation search

The accommodation search was very easy for me because the Erasmus coordinator did it for me as she found me a place before my arriving. I stayed in Environmental and Life Sciences Dorm, called ‘Arka Dormitory’, but I had to pay twenty zlotys more than I had expected. Although I stayed in a double room, the furniture was rather plain and left something to desire.

I shared the room with a Turkish girl. It was quite a big problem for us because we wanted to stay with other Erasmus students. Our goal was simply to know people from different cultures and improve ourselves.

…Family / flatmates / friends

I lived with a Turkish girl and we cooked Turkish cuisine all the time. We spent our leisure time together, though as a matter of fact I had expected to share a room with a non-Turkish student. Anyway I was lucky because my roommate and I became close friends and we still keep in touch with each other. Our neighbors were Polish students who didn’t speak English and looked a bit shy. Nevertheless, I’m so glad I met with many Erasmus students. We did many different things together (going to Erasmus parties, visiting national museums, participating in walking city tours, going kayaking, celebrating Juwenalia etc.). I know that I will keep all these friendships in the future because they were lovely people.


For me, Poland is really cheap. Although I normally don’t drink alcohol, I had an opportunity to try many different excellent drinks in Poland. Also we tried a traditional Polish drink, which was good indeed. I think transportation is cheap too, for example you can buy a tram ticket for just 1.5 zlotys. The prices of college dormitories were average.

3. Intercultural experiences

In Poland I learnt lots of new things. I met foreign people and talked to them. In my view, every person is a different story. I’m always open to know different people, different cultures, different languages. I do my best to be friendly to other people. I prepared a Turkish coffee for my Polish classmates and we had fun together. Also my Chinese dish, Frank, really liked to drink my coffee. He cooked special Chinese food for me. I had never tried Chinese food before. It was really nice. We exchanged gifts, which were like a small magnet from our countries. One day, Carolina, my Italian friend, cooked special Italian lasagna for us. It was really delicious. Now, I have lots of friends. They are Norwegian, Romanian,

Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian and Croatian. Thus, Erasmus is suitable to learnt new cultures.

4. Overall programme
…Teaching practice programme (school, subjects)

As mentioned earlier, the college was amazing. The quality of the education here is good, and I hope my courses will help me in my future English training. I liked my classmates and teachers. I recommend English Studies at this college.

5. Personal evaluation of the stay
…Benefit for your future studies and profession

I learnt many things related with the English language at the university. It was really good because learning English is so important for me, but I wish I could have more English classes on journalism.

…Recommendations for future Erasmus students

I have some tips for students who consider coming here:
– Look for the right place for living. Maybe the city center is the best option for those who do not want to waste time going by public transport. Everything is so close.
– Don’t be stressed if you have to change your learning agreement, there is a solution for everything.
– Bring your winter clothes if you come from a southern country.

Çiğdem Karaağaçlıoğlu / Turkey (21)